Bid For My Meds The Lowest Prescription Drug Prices You’ll Find Anywhere

In today’s economic climate everyone could use a discount and more money. The following can do both for you. If you’re just looking to save money on your medications Bid For My Meds and BidRx are a God send. (Plus see below how this can also put money in your pocket – see below). And I’m not just talking a few measly dollars like you my get on a drug card. Real savings like the following:

One person paying about $936 per month for their mother gets costs reduced to $127 for the exact same meds..

Another paying $36 per month gets it now for $11.50.

I checked with “LowestMeds” which is a search engine for lowest prices for meds in your area. In checking for Metformin, they showed 25 “discount” pharmacies, including Costco, Walgreens, Walmart with prices ranging from $20.78 to $21.78 [270 tablets].
BidRx showed an instant bid price of $10.89 with free shipping and handling… that is a 48% savings… and that’s just one medication that is quite popular… Wonder why local pharmacies can’t do better on the pricing? In any event, I’m grateful for the BidRx auction system!

Watch the video below on how how this can make you big money.

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Also this is the best vehicle to make money in today’s economy climate. Think about this: A product that saves people this kind of money will be in demand and you can earn big money from telling others about this. This is the easiest product to sell today.

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