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Here are some great CBD hemp oil testimonies about quitting smoking, arthritis and shoulder pain relief. Note: we not not claiming CBD Hemp Oil is a cure or treatment for anything. These are simply the stories of these individual people.

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 Quit Smoking

I (unfortunately) have been a smoker for longer than I’ll admit here. 4+ decades……. I made a vow to myself that when I began the regimen of 750mg oil I would give myself the gift of no more cigarettes.

I can proudly say at this juncture that I have not had a single puff in 4 weeks. So I’ve stopped smoking, but reserve the right to say I’ve quit until I hit the 6-month timeframe (which I WILL do). The CBD helped with the addiction part of smoking, and I worked on my mind for the habit portion.

I am so pleased with the results, and it wasn’t hard at all. I feel so much better, and wake up with a fresh mouth vs. a tongue which felt like the Russian army had marched all night over it.

Again, CTFO to the rescue! I am confident that I have CRUSHED that habit and addiction! – Scott Cook

Arthritis Pain

My husband has old military fractured ankle which now has arthritis it had been really bothering him yesterday I mixed the pain cream with emu oil + 1/2 dropper of CBD Oil (300mg) on each ankle twice yesterday and once today he is feeling fine now!! He can walk again and feeling no pain! – Therese Prentice

Shoulder Pain Relief

I have been waiting to post this, until I had the good results that I KNEW would come.

I have suffered from a nagging shoulder pain for about 9 years. I injured my left shoulder somehow during my days as a professional dog trainer. This pain has been constant, but only when I raise my arm above my chest, or when I try to sleep on my left side. I kind of assumed it was a rotator cuff injury, and know so many who went through that surgery and were not any better afterwards. So I’ve put up with it.

I began daily doses of 750mg CTFO oil 4 weeks ago. It took three days to get the dosage correct, but I am now taking 15 drops 2X per day; morning and evening. This is the ONLY change I have made; I take NOTHING ELSE for the pain, and never have.

In 5 days I noticed a slight increase in the mobility of the left shoulder before the pain would kick in. By the time 12 days had passed, my pain level went from an 8 to a 2 when I had my arm fully extended above my head (I first noticed it in the shower).

Today, I have full mobility with NO PAIN in the shoulder, no matter what I do with the left arm, or where I place it…..

I am so thankful to be pain free. One never understands what limitations one gets when a shoulder is “out of whack”…..but believe me, they exist. Even putting a coat on has to be re-learned!

Now I have my shoulder back!
Thank you CTFO for these incredible products. – Scott Cook

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